Children can become anything they want

26. June, 2022

The difference is that some people think “they” means “the children” while other people think it means themselves.

Shortest Horror Joke Just Got Shorter

20. February, 2017

Previously, it was

The last human sits in front of his fireplace. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.

Now, it’s

Trump says.

IE 11 Can Only Count to 12

16. August, 2016

For some reason, IE could only count to 12 in this jsfiddle:



11. November, 2015

It takes years and hundreds, sometimes thousands of people to build but only one person and a moment to destroy me. What am I?

Answer (link goes to Wikipedia)

Commercial For Driverless Car

21. July, 2015

A man stumbles our of a bar with his friend. They are both very drunk. Laughing, they cross the street and approach a long row of cars parked on the curb. In the next scene, one of them is talking to two police officers.

«Had a lot?»

The man fumbles with his car keys. «Yup. Stay away from me, no alcohol on shift!»

The police officers laugh and watch the man crawl into his car which is parked on a long row of cars at the side of the street. The man starts to sing “Home sweet home, take me home.”

Further down the street, his friend tries to get into another car. The police officers look at each other.

«Had a lot?» they ask the second man.

«What? Oh, well, no … not … that … mush.»

The police officers arrest him. He struggles: «Leave me alone! What are you doing? Why arrest me and let my friend go?» While they put handcuffs on him, the first car moves silently out on the street.

Just as it vanished behind a truck, the police offers drag the struggling man along the front of the track.

For a long moment, the truck blocks the view.

The camera slowly moves along the truck until you can see along its front.

The light of the car on the street illuminate the legs of the men. The light is moving and so is the car.

The driver can be seen laughing and dancing in his car, apparently neither of his hands is on the wheel.

His car is slowly stopping. The police drag the man over the street. The car moves on, takes a turn.

Black screen with message: Driver-less cars makes drinking more fun for you and everyone.


How Skynet Happened

9. June, 2015

How Skynet Happened

Artificial Intelligence Joke

16. January, 2015

Slightly adjusted version of a Dilbert strip:

Boss: I want you to create an artificial intelligence that is as smart as me.

Engineer: OK.

Ten minutes pass.

Engineer: Done.

Boss: Wow, you’re fast.

Engineer: … Yes.

IH8PCs – Tom Fasulo

10. October, 2014

Some years before people even know what a “blog” was, Thomas R. Fasulo had one. “I Hate Computers” or IH8PCs for short. Tom was famous at his time for being paid “to develop buggy software“.

It was a place full of wit, wisdom and incredibly funny jokes (especially in the “Non-Computer Humor” section 😉 All his blog posts ended with:

You should never believe anything you read or hear.
Especially if you read it here.

Another teaser: I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died.

Alas, the original site is down. But thanks to The Internet Archive, there is a backup: IH8PCs



6. August, 2014

Tonematrix is small toy written in Shockwave Flash that gives you a simple way to experiment with sound.

Click these links for a couple of examples:




CameraSim: Ego Shooter With a Camera

29. July, 2014

To help people to learn how to make good photos (and what lighting, distance, focal length, aperture, ISO, etc. means), Jon Arnold created a game called “CameraSim” that looks a lot like an ego shooter. But instead of enemies, you have several stages where you can shoot photos.

Gamification for the win!

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