Do Not Reply

25. March, 2008

Do not send mails to

Oh, you don’t?



Well, just make sure that none of the many applications and servers you’re running doesn’t send mails with “” in the mail header as a hint to the recipient that they should not reply to this mail.

Because if you don’t do that, someone will get a lot of mail from your business and some of that mail (error messages, security information, etc) is of the type you don’t want to leak.

I especially like the post about the Department of Homeland Security. If people like that “protect” America, then I understand why the General Public puts so much emphasis on religion and faith.

And who is this General anyway? 😉

Have Phun?

22. March, 2008

Did you have Phun lately? No? Not sure? In that case, check it out! It’s great!

Phun is a “2D physics sandbox”. You can draw objects with your mouse and then have nature have its way with them. Even if that sounds stupid or a waste of time to you, check the flash video on the home page out. If you played with Lego or Fischertechnik as a child, this one is definitely for you (and since that was probably already a few years in the past: for your children, too).

On the site, you’ll find links to insane machines people have already built and of course, there is already a huge amount of videos on YouTube.

And last but not least, there is a Windows and Linux version (32 and 64bit!).

Have Phun!

Giant In The Playground

10. March, 2008

I enjoy the odd RPG session and I love comics, so it comes natural that I adore comics about gamers. There are the usual suspects like Dork Tower (“I kill Gandalf” – priceless) but there are also one or two gems to be plucked from the muddy seabed of the Internet.

Like “The Order of the Stick” from Giant in The Playground Games. Visuals that you either love or hate. Ignore them for now, it’s the texts that counts. A deep understanding of gamers and their troubles (“That’s not a core spell!”), a bunch of really great characters with a lot of hilarious weaknesses (height, family problems and laws) and cunning ways to deal with them (cutting enemies to size, meeting your ancestors in the after life and explaining why you’re keeping a mass assassin as companion who kills anything that moves and loves every cut while you’re being judged for afterlife). Way to go, Rich!

Public Talk: Quantum Computing [Update]

10. March, 2008

Because of major back pain, I can’t give this talk today. I’ll post a new announcement when I knew the new date. Sorry.

If you ever wanted to meet the mind behind the blog and you happen to be in Zurich on April, 4th, you can. I’ll be giving a public talk about quantum computing for the LUGS (Linux User Group Switzerland). The talk will be in German.

It’s not mandatory to be a member of the LUGS to attend the talk but of course, you’re welcome to become a member of Switzerland’s largest LUG, too.

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