Giant In The Playground

I enjoy the odd RPG session and I love comics, so it comes natural that I adore comics about gamers. There are the usual suspects like Dork Tower (“I kill Gandalf” – priceless) but there are also one or two gems to be plucked from the muddy seabed of the Internet.

Like “The Order of the Stick” from Giant in The Playground Games. Visuals that you either love or hate. Ignore them for now, it’s the texts that counts. A deep understanding of gamers and their troubles (“That’s not a core spell!”), a bunch of really great characters with a lot of hilarious weaknesses (height, family problems and laws) and cunning ways to deal with them (cutting enemies to size, meeting your ancestors in the after life and explaining why you’re keeping a mass assassin as companion who kills anything that moves and loves every cut while you’re being judged for afterlife). Way to go, Rich!

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