Eventually Windows Will Have Voice Recognition

At least for a couple of days until children start to run through the cube farms screaming at the top of their lungs: “Format C: Yes!”

One Response to Eventually Windows Will Have Voice Recognition

  1. Johannes says:

    It has already (since Vista, by the way).

    But either my English is lousy or my microphone is or the following sequence is a little too convoluted:

    1. open command prompt
    2. press f, press o, press r, press m, press a, press t, press space
    3. c, colon
    4. enter

    And even then it (rightfully) complains about privileges so you need to find a way of running the first command as administrator (dunno whether adding “as administrator” or “elevated” works).

    Good luck implementing a successful attack based upon that. Not with running around and screaming, I guess.

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