Last Thoughts on 9/11

11. September, 2011

Who knows the truth? No one.

There seems to be a lot of convincing evidence that the “official truth” about the Twin Tower attack is not correct. Well, I know for sure that the “official truth” is not 100% correct for these reasons:

  1. The people who planned the attack haven’t stepped forward and explained them in detail to us so far. Anyone else is just an outside observer at best, so how are they supposed to know “the truth”?
  2. Anyone planning a big project knows that there is always a gap between the goals and the result. So even if there wasn’t a huge pressure on the people writing the official report, the official report has to be incomplete or wrong in some respect. The pressure just made it worse. Which means the report isn’t as correct as it could have been. And even if it was, that still wouldn’t be the truth.
  3. There is a part in your brain that filters anything “unimportant” out before the information can reach your consciousness (see “The Invisible Gorilla” for an example). That means for you, this information never existed in the first place. This and other factors make eyewitnesses so unreliable. The same is true for the victims of the attack and the people who wrote the report.

So we have two sides, the US government and “the terrorists” (whoever that might be). We suspect that the government is lying but we ignore the fact that huge bodies a) sometimes make huge mistakes, b) there is always political agenda (like Bush wanting Bin Laden dead for any reason, so why waste more effort in a deeper investigation?) and c) the people writing the official report didn’t have all the facts (for many reasons).

For me, 9/11 just gave a bunch of people a perfect excuse to create more terrorists, for example by killing more than 100’000 civilians (irritating thought: Do you believe this number after reading the above?).

Remember: If you want to make a situation worse, you send an army – they are trained to conquer and destroy. To contain a situation, you send the police – they are trained to contain and deescalate.

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