Disabled Sharing

7. September, 2011

Until the German law has decided how to handle the illegal data transfer to sites like Facebook and Co., I’ve disabled the sharing options in my blog.

For those interested: German laws say that companies must not collect data about someone unless said data is necessary for a business transaction. Since you have no business with Facebook (Facebook’s business is selling your data to advertising companies), give your data (like that you visited my blog and liked it) to Facebook is illegal.

It would even be illegal if I asked for you permission before showing a like / +1 button since you have no way of knowing what happens with your data.

While this might seem excessive, it’s a law that has its roots from German’s past where the Nazi time where such data could kill you (for example if they suspected you to help Jews, listen to foreign radio, etc). Uncontrolled data collection gives someone uncontrolled power and there really is no telling how such data could be abused by a smart criminal.

People already lose jobs or don’t get them in the first place depending on the Facebook profile. Just imagine what could happen if someone who hates you, say your ex, gets a list of all your friends and starts to tell them the “truth” about you. Or if some overeager official who suspects you to be a criminal asks Facebook for all your data which includes a list of most web sites that you visited in the past 90 days.

No Software Can Be Better Than Its Worst Error Message

7. September, 2011

Kudos for this simple but oh so true proverb go to Stephan Herrmann.

Thank you.

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