Useful JUnit Helper Method: ignoreUntil()

We all know the pattern: A test fails but you can’t fix it right away. What do you do? Let it stay red? @Ignore it?

All those approaches have drawbacks. Red tests make me nervous. But when I add an @Ignore, I sometimes forget to remove it in a timely fashion. Enter stage ignoreUntil():

 * Ignore a test until a certain date.
 * <p>This method will make the test silently fail
 * (as if it had been ignored) until a certain
 * date.
 * <p>For documentation purposes, you can give a
 * message that explains why it's ignored.
public static void ignoreUntil(
    String date_YYYY_MM_DD,
    String message
) {
    Date date;
    SimpleDateFormat format
        = new SimpleDateFormat( "yyyy-MM-dd" );
    try {
        date = format.parse( date_YYYY_MM_DD );
    } catch( ParseException e ) {
        throw new RuntimeException(
            "Can't parse date [" 
            + date_YYYY_MM_DD
            + "] using format "
            + format.toPattern()
    Assume.assumeTrue( new Date().after( date ) );


public void someTest() throws Exception {
    ignoreUntil( "2011-09-15", "See issue #78" );

Happy testing!

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