MercurialEclipse 1.8 With Mercurial 1.9 On Ubunutu

10. August, 2011

The MercurialEclipse plugin doesn’t play well with the latest 1.9 release of Mercurial.

If you’re on Ubuntu, you can replace the “mercurial” package with “mercurial-1.8” to get the old version back (see Launchpad packages). Thanks go to Max Bowsher for a quick solution:

sudo aptitude install mercurial-1.8

Saving Colors

10. August, 2011

Many people own color printers today; they are so cheap, there is little point to buy a B&W model.

But I don’t want to print with color by accident. If you’re using Linux with CUPS, here is a solution: lpoptions

“lpoptions -l | grep -i color” will tell you what the color options and possible value are. My output looks like this:

ColorModel/Farbmodus: *CMYK Gray
Colorreprod/Farbwiedergabe: *Printersettings Textgraph Textphoto Vivid Publications Lineart
MediaType/Media Type: *PrnDef Auto Plain Transparency Labels Letterhead Bond Color Preprinted Prepunched Recycled Cardstock Vellum Envelope Rough Thick CoatedPaper Highqlty User1 User2 User3 User4 User5 User6 User7 User8

To change the default, use “lpoptions -o”:

lpoptions -o ColorModel=Gray

The first command tells you the new default:

ColorModel/Farbmodus: CMYK *Gray

CUPS saves these settings in the file ~/.cups/lpoptions.

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