MercurialEclipse 1.8 With Mercurial 1.9 On Ubunutu

10. August, 2011

The MercurialEclipse plugin doesn’t play well with the latest 1.9 release of Mercurial.

If you’re on Ubuntu, you can replace the “mercurial” package with “mercurial-1.8” to get the old version back (see Launchpad packages). Thanks go to Max Bowsher for a quick solution:

sudo aptitude install mercurial-1.8

Getting MercurialEclipse 1.7.0

27. November, 2010

Wondering why Eclipse suddenly asks for a password for Someone decided that it was a good idea to request users of MercurialEclipse to create accounts on JavaForge.

Not impressed? Go here instead.

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