When Maven Crashes Eclipse

8. August, 2011

If your Eclipse IDE suddenly crashes with an error in java.util.zip.ZipFile.getEntry() chances are that you’re hit by this bug: Crash in ZipEntry when some other process changes the ZIP File at the same time


  1. Close Eclipse when you build your projects with Maven from the command line
  2. Disable automatic refresh (Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Refresh using native hooks or polling)


Some Software You Should Know When You Work on DSLs

8. August, 2011

DSLs is all the rage but it seems the technology is actually useful 🙂 So here is some stuff that you’d probably want to know about:

Intentsoft created a workbench which can capture business information in the way the business wants.

JetBrains did something similar called Meta Programming System or MPS.

Want to know more about your own code base? Try MoDisco or Moose.

Lastly, using LL parsers is usually a big pain. Syntax Definition Formalism or SDF is another approach to define a syntax which avoids many of the problems of context-free grammars.

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