Great Stuff From WIN Blog

Images from Hacked IRL – Truth in Sarcasm:

Only non-smokers, please …

epic win photos - Bubble Room WIN

Holy Pencil, Batman, it’s so realistic!

Can ophidiophobes still ride this bus?

epic win photos - Bus Ad WIN

What really happened that night …

epic win photos - Stealth Godzilla WIN

Awesome reflections …

epic win photos - Mother Nature FTW: Perfect Reflection

Could be my place …

epic win photos - Book Installation WIN


epic win photos - Shark Week WIN

Recycling some spare axes:

epic win photos - Lumberjack Shelf WIN

I’d like a drug test on this camera, please:

epic win photos - Hyper-Reality WIN

Ewww … 😉

epic win photos - Heel Design WIN

What pop-out books were supposed to look like:

epic win photos - Classic: Book Sculpture WIN

Further proof for “one picture says more than 1000 words:”

epic win photos - Minimalist Fairy Tales WIN

Final liftoff:

epic win photos - Final Liftoff WIN

Math can be exciting:

epic win photos - Bat-Graph WIN

Punching holes into water with 16″ cannons (Iowa class battleship fires broadside August 15th, 1984):

epic win photos - Test Fire WIN

I’m not a huge fan of the military but they do have some impressive hardware 🙂

Want to see more? Hacked IRL – Truth in Sarcasm

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