Good Games for the PS3

I’ve recently upgraded to a PlayStation 3. I kept my old PS2, though, since the new PS3 can’t emulate the PS2. I wonder why that is … maybe it’s because Sony is still selling so many PS2’s? Ah, rumors 🙂 Easy to create and hard to kill.

So what good games are there? Here is my list:

  • Burnout Paradise City
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Ratchet & Clank – Tools of Destruction
  • Flow

Burnout Paradise City

Mindless street racing with a high adrenaline level. Ideal to waste a couple of minutes or an hour. Great graphics, no blood, no violence (it’s more like auto scooter) and nice ideas like smashing ads or the super jumps. If you don’t like some events (haven’t managed to win a single race, yet. I excel at kicking other cars off the street), you can simply ignore them and still complete enough of the game to have fun.

PixelJunk Eden

A definitive feel of Tarzan or Spiderman when you want to relax a bit. Simple, fitting graphics, no violence, no agression. All that and at the price it’s a steal.

Ratchet & Clank – Tools of Destruction

My favorite jump’n’run. Lots of insane weapons, Ratchet’s ears look great on the PS3, the story has more depth than usual; not sure I like the depressive realization at the end, though. Judge for yourself.


Like Eden, it’s a brand new kind of game. One of a kind. I play that when I want to come down from all the stress in my life. Go get it!

Bad games

I’ve got a couple of other games. First, we have the Orange Box with Half Life 2, two of the extra episodes, Portal and Team Fortress. I liked the puzzles in Portal. That games was much too short. I didn’t like Half Life 2 much and I hate the episodes. The story was great, the levels gigantic and intelligent. You could almost always find a way around without getting killed. But the handling … Freeman feels like a block of wood when you move him through the levels: You’ll get stuck all the time at hand rails and stuff like that. Sometimes, he’ll be able to jump on something, sometimes not. Sometimes, he’ll stay on top of a barrel, sometimes not. This sucks. And then those stupid zombie levels. Yeah, I’m stuck in the elevator scene in the first episode. Got killed five times in the dark and now, the games goes where it belongs: The trash.

Resistance – Fall of Man. I like the other games by Insomniac and I like this one, too. It’s just too violent for my taste. I like shooting pixels or push empty cars off the street or zoom down a highway at break-neck speed. I don’t like shooting at people. I finished the game but it left me asking: Is that all? Running around, shooting people, blow up stuff? Is that the result of many years of game evolution? Better graphics?

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Oh well. Okay, the levels look great. When you scale the wall of the castle, there is a sense of vertigo. It’s breath taking. The jeep escape is a lot of fun. Smart story (mostly). The game character moves smart. You press a button and he takes cover. He’s smart, not a dead puppet like Freeman. He moves as if he was real. Again the violence cooled me off quickly. Too much killing, not enough puzzles.

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