You Can’t Stop OOXML!? Watch Me :-)

6. October, 2008

MicroSoft is the de-facto standard on the desktop. Despite all the efforts to break the monopoly, the average user still doesn’t want to switch. Alas, the average user is not an expert and when MicroSoft tries its way with the experts, that usually backfires. Unlike the Average Joe, geeks and nerds are no cattle and they find creative ways to get even when they are served what MicroSoft dishes out.

So in Norway, 21 of 23 experts voted against OOXML as a new ISO standard. That didn’t stop the ca…administration of Standard Norge to embrace this great work from Seattle (which has eaten thousands, maybe millions, of dissertations over the years) and so they announced that Norway votes “Yes”. Every geek out there knows what it means when your management has stopped listening to you: Get a new job. And they did.

Right on, commander!

Somebody is Playing Pong With Two Elevators and the Floorlights…

6. October, 2008

Once, it was just a joke in the UserFriendly comic strip. Now, it’s real: Welcome to Project Blinkenlights

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