UPCScan 0.6: It’s Qt, Man!

8. October, 2008

Update: Version 0.7 released.

Getting drowned in your ever growing CD, DVD, book or comic collection? Then UPCScan might be for you.

UPCScan 0.6 is ready for download. There are many fixed and improvements. The biggest one is probably the live PyQt4 user interface (live means that the UI saves all your changes instantly, so no data loss if your computer crashes because of some other program ;-)).

The search field accepts barcodes (from a barcode laser scanner) and ISBN numbers. There is a nice cover image dialog where you can download and assign images if Amazon doesn’t have one. Note: Amazon sometimes has an image but it’s marked as “customer image”. Use the “Visit” button on the UI to check if an image is missing and click on the “No Cover” button to open the “Cover Image” dialog where you can download and assign images. I haven’t checked if the result of the search query contains anything useful in this case.

UPCScan 0.6 – 24,055 bytes, MD5 Checksum. Needs Python 2.5. PyQt4 4.4.3 is optional.

Security notice: You need an Amazon Web Service Account (get one here). When you run the program for the first time, it will tell you what to do. This means two things:

  1. Your queries will be logged. So if you don’t want Amazon to know what you own, this program is not very useful for you.
  2. Your account ID will be stored in the article database at various places. I’m working on an export function which filters all private data out. Until then, don’t give this file to your friends unless you know what that means (and frankly, I don’t). You have been warned.

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