Secure File Transfers with FTAPI

If you need to distribute files in your project, the problems are always the same:

  • How do I make sure a file is transferred at all?
  • Or just once?
  • That the whole file is transferred (and not only part of it)?
  • That no one can temper with the content while it is being transferred?
  • How can I get a received receipt?
  • How about encryption to prevent uninvited visitors from looking at the data?
  • Too big for mails?

Some people use FTP. FTP is a protocol designed for humans. It’s completely, utterly unsuitable for this task. If a software developer suggest this “solution”, it’s a red flag for incompetence.

SSH based protocols are better but they also don’t solve all the problems.

Enter FTAPI, the “rock solid data transfer” framework.

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