When JIRA Hates You

Ever had the problem that JIRA would not allow you in? Every time, it would say “wrong user name and/or password”?

Using my crystal ball, I can see that you’re using Firefox.

You’ve been hit by the extra space bug. It’s open since October 2009.

I’ve opened an issue against JIRA: JSP-79797Password mail contains space after password

Let’s see who moves faster.

2 Responses to When JIRA Hates You

  1. Matt Doar says:

    Sounds like its a bug in Firefox but one that was triggered by email from JIRA with an extra space? Was this stock JIRA or some customized email template?

    • digulla says:

      Yes. I’ve opened a bug against JIRA but the guys there didn’t understand what I’m talking about.

      And I’m pretty sure it’s with the standard mail template but since I’m not the admin of the site, I have no way to tell.

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