AeroFS – A New Distributed File System

11. May, 2011

AeroFS is a new distributed file system (from their website):

Unlimited Storage

Using AeroFS, you can sync allthe data on your devices. No limits. No caps. You already have your storage, now use it!

Ultimate Privacy

AeroFS will never store your files in the cloud (unless you want to, of course ;-). Your files will only be shared with those who you invite.

Better Security

AeroFS encrypts your data end-to-end. This way, we are able to provide better security than most online storage services. Seriously.

  • Because AeroFS is completely distributed, even if we experience downtime,you won’t!
Sounds like an interesting solution. Especially since your data never leaves your country (unless you add foreign servers) and there are only very little cost for the company behind the service (you run all the involved servers).
With Dropbox and similar services, you can never be sure where your data ends up. They say it’s safe but that only holds true until a) the company goes bankrupt or b) some government agency knocks on their doors to hunt terrorists.

Use Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 in Ubuntu

11. May, 2011

Image via Wikipedia

If you want to run IE6-8 on Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro that support VirtualBox), see this blog post: Use Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 in Ubuntu

Good comparison between JAXB and Simple XML

11. May, 2011

Here is a good comparison between JAXB and Simple – XML SerializationHow Does JAXB Compare to Simple?

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