Eclipse 3.6.2 Artifacts for Maven 2

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Update: The project has its own web site, now.

Two days ago, I told you about Project Dash and my new tools for it. Well, we did run them over the weekend and import a lot of stuff from Eclipse 3.6.2 into a brand new testing Maven 2 repository.

So if you want to use Eclipse bundles in Maven 2 for your own projects (SWT, EMF, even BIRT), have a look and let me know:

  • Did I miss anything?
  • Is anything wrong? Version numbers, names, dependencies, optional dependencies.
  • Any other comments?

Making the world a better place, one line of code at a time! 🙂

The tools are here.

New project home page: Maven Tools 4 Eclipse

7 Responses to Eclipse 3.6.2 Artifacts for Maven 2

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  2. Philipp Paland says:

    Thanks a lot for the tools and the very functional repository. I see that there are a few artifacts for the RAP tooling, but the runtime (e.g org.eclipse.rap:org.eclipse.rap.ui) is not there. I have built a repo mit your tools and deployed it to our company nexus but I would prefer not having to maintain this.

    Also, will this lead to a somewhat automated solution and will there be a repo for Milestone releases?

  3. digulla says:

    Hi Philipp,

    The first version of testing only contains a couple of eclipse downloads. Please open a bug in bugzilla with the URL and name of the download that is missing.

    Yes, for post 3.7, the milestones should appear in special milestone repos (the name depends on what the next version of Eclipse is going to be … 3.8 or 4.2).

  4. […] Eclipse 3.6.2 Artifacts for Maven 2 […]

  5. Hi,
    is there a reason why BIRT 3.7 is not part of the repository?

    This would really help a lot.

    – Stepahn

  6. […] working on it. See my blog for progress or try the first RC at […]

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