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2. March, 2011

Have you ever modified something you bought in a shop? You’re not alone. A study in England showed that 6.2 percent of the population does it. The modifications range from simple things like adding rubber to the dog’s feeding bowl to reprogramming a GPS to make it easier to use.

Apparently, the users of products invest 2.3 times more money in making things better than the companies who build them in the first place. Bad news for companies who hate it when someone touches their stuff

How Public is Your Privacy?

2. March, 2011
Malte Spitz

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Under German law, any person can request all the data which a company has stored about him- or herself. Politician Malte Spitz of the Alliance ’90/The Greens Party did this with his mobile provider. The Vorratsdatenspeicherung is a German law which requires telecommunication providers to save all traffic data for 6 months. This way, he got a whole profile about himself. ZEIT ONLINE used this data along with other public information like Twitter and Blogs to create an impressive view on Spitz’s life during those six month.

If you want to see for yourself how it feels to watch and be watched, visit this interactive website that allows you to browse his life: Mobile Traitor.

The text on the page reads:

Politician Malte Spitz of the Green Party sued the German Telekom for six months of his data retention and handed it over to ZEIT ONLINE. On the basis of this data, you can watch all his movements during this time. We matched the geodata with freely accessible information from the Internet about the delegate (Twitter, Blog posts and web sites).

The Play button starts the journey through Malte Spitz’s life. The speed control [“Geschwindigkeit”] allows to adjust the pace or stop anytime with the Pause button. The calendar below also shows when he was visiting the same place again – and you can use it to move to any point in time manually. Each vertical bar represents one day.

To the right of the map is an explanation what he did, the number of incoming and outgoing calls, how many SMS he received and sent and how much time he spent online.

All the data is available as a Google Docs table, too (“Download Datensatz“).


2. March, 2011

Missing the good old command line when searching the web? Have a look at

Amazing fact: It was written in 2008 and still works!

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