Who is codebix.com?

Since a few days, I got pingbacks from codebix.com. Their site contains a lot of links to a lot of blogs but no real added value as far as I can tell … who are those guys? What’s their game?

2 Responses to Who is codebix.com?

  1. Cyril Gupta says:


    Codebix is a blog-aggregator, sort of like dzone or dotnetkicks.

    Our game is to make a website where the newest posts of all the programming related blogs are shown so that people who are interested in programming can read them.

    Your blog is a part of codebix, and while we respect your opinion, I do think it adds value to the readers.

    We’d love to have you on codebix, but if you think it’s disruptive we will reluctantly remove your blog if you send me a mail.

    My regards
    Cyril Gupta
    [the guy behind it :)]

  2. They automatically copied and post my articles in their site. As a result of the Google drop my ranking. Its a really mess for me. I think their backlinks are not quality because of one page contain 5000 links and they automatically copy blog owners contents without permission.

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