What’s wrong with Starmind

Starmind logoI’ve been playing around with Starmind for a while. Okay, I get money for answering questions (like, say, stackoverflow.com). But recently the editor was changed for something that really sucks. edlin didn’t freak me out as much because at that time, it was hard to be better. Today, it’s hard to be so bad. As I always say: “A lot of dedication and effort was necessary to create something so crappy.”

Anyway. That’s just the technical side.

The main problem with Starmind is money. It’s not that you have to pay for an answer or get money for one. Not really. It’s greed. If I post an answer, I sell it. It’s lost. I put a lot of effort into it and it’s gone. Poof. No one can see how brilliant I am but the guy who paid me for the answer. Mankind gets dumb.

On the stackexchange sites, the question and the answers stay open for comments forever. You can build upon them. Starmind puts the knowledge into a vault. “Hey, I paid for that, get lost!”

Things like Wikipedia work because more than two people win. Richard was right. Information wants to be free.

3 Responses to What’s wrong with Starmind

  1. marcus says:

    well said

  2. Hans says:

    May be they read your blog entry. Check the page again! Much better!

    • digulla says:

      You’re right. I like the new model much better: Answers are visible for anyone.

      My only complaint right now is the editor. It works pretty good in Firefox but in Chrome, it’s really hard to use.

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