Haul 1.11 Hero’s Welcome

11. April, 2010

A new scene is ready. Don’t forget to post a comment if you like the story (and you must post a comment if you don’t like it!)

1.11 Hero’s Welcome – The bodies of General Rowarl and Forne Rako are brought on board the RORR.

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Eine weitere Szene ist bereit. Vergiss nicht einen Kommentar zu posten, wenn dir die Geschichte gefällt (und wenn sie dir nicht gefällt, dann musst du einen Kommentar posten!)

1.11 Heldenempfang – Die Körper von General Rowarl und Forne Rako werden an Bord der RORR gebracht.



8. April, 2010

I just finished reading Glasshouse by Charles Stross.

The book was advertised as the next great thing and it was a nice read. Charles definitely did think a lot of things through like what you will be able to do when you can manipulate matter to the atomic level. As in “manipulate the mind.” We know drugs can change how your brain works but how about you can modify each and every molecule of your brain?

In these terms, the book is a good read. People can backup themselves and if you get killed, you can suddenly find yourself in an odd situation because you don’t knew what happened just that something must have gone wrong. As we software specialists say: Backup early and often.

Overall, I like the book and the presented ideas. Some things don’t seem to make sense but eventually, all puzzles are resolved (with the exception why Robin suddenly wakes up elsewhere; my guess is that he got killed after signing the contract but I’d have expected a message from the people running the experiment in this case which explains the situation to poor Robin).

There is just one glaring bug: The bad guys left a really powerful device in a place where the protagonist has pretty much unlimited, unsupervised access. I understand that high level surveillance wasn’t allowed by the rules of the game at this place but a simple switch which sends a signal “trapdoor is open” would have been more than enough. Of course, the story wouldn’t have worked anymore. Oh well. If you can ignore this, you’re in for some fresh SciFi ideas.

Also, Charles likes deus-ex-machina, so you’ll have several situations where the heroes are in a deadly trap and suddenly, you learn that they did plan for this situation and they get away. Acceptable once or twice but not that often.

Recommendation: Consider to buy.

The OSS dilemma

7. April, 2010

Disclaimer: IANAL

In his post about EPL, GPL and Eclipse plugins (“EPL/GPL Commentary“), Mike Milinkovich says:

What is clear, however, is that it is not possible to link a GPL-licensed plug-in to an EPL-licensed code and distribute the result. Any GPL-licensed plug-in would have to be distributed independently and combined with the Eclipse platform by an end user.

Which is probably true because of the incompatible goals of the two licenses: The EPL was designed by companies, which make a lot of money with software, to protect the investments in the source code they contribute to an OSS project. Notice “a lot of money.”

The GPL was designed to make sure companies can’t steal from poor OSS developers and sell a product as their own or take some source code, add a few lines of code and then sell it as their own, etc. The GPL, unlike the EPL, is made as a sword to keep people away who don’t want to share their word under the GPL.

As such, both licenses work as designed and they are incompatible because their goals are incompatible. We as OSS developers can whine and complain that there is no legal way to build an Eclipse plugin for Subversion without first creating an Subversion client which is EPL licensed but that doesn’t change the fact that it is illegal. It’s the price we pay for the freedom we have. If the licenses were different, there would be legal loopholes.

Yes, it sucks.

Haul: 2.3 new scenes

6. April, 2010

Scene 1.9 “Rescue Operation” and 1.10 “Surficial Problems” are ready for you plus I enhanced scene 1.7 “Sour Fame“.

1.7 Sour Fame – I added some background information about how Rabit live and what happens behind the scenes of Mark’s show.

1.9 Rescue Operation – While Forne tries to figure out a way to get on the Haul shuttle, the Haul find the tied down body of General Rowarl.

1.10 Surficial Problems – On the surface of the jungle world, the Haul start to hunt Forne.

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Die Szenen 1.9 “Rettungseinsatz” und 1.10 “Oberflächliche Probleme” sind bereit zum Lesen. Ausserdem habe ich die Szene 1.7 “Saurer Ruhm” überarbeitet.

1.7 Saurer Ruhm – In der Szene wird jetzt ein beschrieben, wie Rabit leben und man erfährt mehr von dem was hinter den Kulissen von Marks Show passiert.

1.9 Rettungseinsatz – Während Forne einen Weg sucht unbemerkt an Bord des Haul Shuttles zu kommen, finden die Haul den gefesselten Körper von General Rowarl.

1.10 Oberflächliche Probleme – Auf der Oberfläche des Dschungel-Planeten jagen die Haul Forne.



5. April, 2010

German judges had to come up with a definition of “artist”. They came up with this:

Ein Künstler ist jemand, der Gedanken oder Gefühle mittels eines Kunstwerks anderen Menschen zugänglich macht.

In English:

An artist is someone who makes thoughts and emotions accessible to other people using an artwork.

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