Haul 1.16 Silent Victory

28. April, 2010

Another scene from chapter 1 is ready and I improved an old scene. Don’t forget to post a comment if you like the story (and you must post a comment if you don’t like it!)

1.3 Retreat – In the original scene, it wasn’t obvious how a single person could trigger an emergency jump. Thanks to Martin Geisler for pointing this out to me.

1.16 Silent Victory – While the Haul consider their losses, the Rabit Government plans its next steps.

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Eine weitere Szene aus Kapitel 1 ist online. Vergiss nicht einen Kommentar zu posten, wenn dir die Geschichte gefällt (und wenn sie dir nicht gefällt, dann musst du einen Kommentar posten!)

1.3 Rückzug – In der alten Version der Szene war nicht klar, wie eine einzelne Person einen Notsprung auslösen konnte. Danke an Martin Geisler, der mich darauf hingewiesen hat.

1.16 Stiller Sieg – Während die Haul ihre Verwundeten und Toten bergen, plant die Regierung der Rabit ihre nächsten Schritte.



28. April, 2010

I just shut down my PS3 after watching Avatar (Blue Ray disk). Technically, the film is great. The plants, nature, everything looks just amazing. As had been said before, the story is pretty obvious and I was disappointed that there were no surprises at all (except for Pandora’s wildlife).

For example, they should have switched bodies before the attack. When the madman crashes the container, the vaults should have been empty.

The next thing I was hoping for was a surprise attack against the base while all the air support is elsewhere, using some kind of trick to avoid the satellites.

The only reason that I can think of for such a shallow script is that the director didn’t want to drag any attention from the fantastic nature shots. The flight scenes are grand, the surroundings look incredible detailed and believable. If there is an animal, it’s not just some puppet; it moves, it flows, it breathes. This guy found much better words than I:

… about 30 minutes in to the film, you realize that the marketing has undersold the movie. In an era when every great moment of a film makes its way to a trailer, Avatar surprised me with an endless amount of unparalleled optical overload.

Recommendation: Must see. Twice.

Monsanto files patent on how to feed pigs

28. April, 2010

Another abuse of the patent system has just surfaced: Monsanto is trying to patent how to feed pigs … er … improved corn: METHODS OF FEEDING PIGS AND PRODUCTS COMPRISING BENEFICIAL FATTY ACIDS

A great day for science and mankind, indeed. Obviously we did fed the poor animals so wrong for the past 15’000 years that a company as caring and social as Monsanto could no longer stand by idly and had to act to the benefit of all of us and the abused creatures.

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