Automatically fix computer problems

Microsoft announced the availability of a tool called “Fix-it“. The idea is that many computer users have similar problems and they can be fixed with a simple script (which downloads and installed a bugfix of a hardware driver, cleans a registry key, etc).

Right now, even if you find the issue in the knowledge base, you have to do this manually. So a program will help many people to solve the issues themselves. Also, the scripts can look for problems which the user didn’t even notice, yet.

I think this would be a great idea for Linux, too. For example, if you try to debug a network problem, the steps are always the same: Check the output of ifconfig, ping a couple of known servers, try to telnet somewhere. The script could ask for these values and save them. When you have network trouble again, it could run the tests automatically, examine the values and give suggestions.

One Response to Automatically fix computer problems

  1. Johannes says:

    Windows 7 also brought a similar thing with the Troubleshooters. Those are PowerShell scripts checking for problems and applying fixes automatically and in many cases I tried them so far the results were actually pretty good.

    Thinks like a static IP address instead of DHCP are fixed trivially, sure. But finding all settings that might reduce battery life are another matter. Imho it’s pretty well thought out and executed. Now I just need to remember to use them instead of trying to find the issue myself 🙂

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