no symbol version for module_layout

This one drove me nuts. After upgrading to openSUSE 11.2, I couldn’t compile the NVIDIA (warning: Big flash welcome) or the VirtualBox drivers. Well, the compilation was working but loading failed with:

no symbol version for module_layout

This post finally pointed me in the right direction. To fix the issue, just run zypper in kernel-default-devel as root (or kernel-desktop-devel if you use the desktop kernel).

2 Responses to no symbol version for module_layout

  1. Zodiac says:

    Thanx from Russia)

  2. Sergey says:

    Thanks for comment. I’ve lost full day trying to compile simple module for stock Android kernel. Here is the complete solution.

    You need actual Module.symvers. Second way to get it FULL KERNEL REBUILD.

    — 2.4 Preparing the kernel tree for module build

    Note: modules_prepare will not build Module.symvers even if
    CONFIG_MODVERSIONS is set. Therefore a full kernel build
    needs to be executed to make module versioning work.

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