Adopt a line of code!

24. November, 2009

Why spend all your hard earned money on on-line porn when you can have an offspring by adopting a line of code?

Here are the three latest additions to my family:

Dobalina Digulla:

Oliver Digulla:

Maurizio Digulla:

Another example for “security” by obscurity

24. November, 2009

Sometimes, you’ll need a catchy example why “security by obscurity” is such a bad idea. Here’s one: “Starring The Admin.”

The gist is that a developer of an application was too lazy to implement proper user roles. So the solution was “if the login has ‘**’ in it, I’ll grant admin rights”. That’s it. Anyone can get admin rights just by appending “**” to their login (the app will remove the “**” from the login before checking the it so no changes to the user database are necessary).

Cool, eh? And so simple!

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