Software Design With Modern Languages

There is a nice series of articles on IBM’s developerworks by Neal Ford which talks about software design and how modern languages help to come up with a clear and cost-efficient design. To get a grasp why this is important, I like this quote:

Building software isn’t like digging a ditch. If you make compromises when you dig a ditch, you just get uneven width or unequal depth. Today’s flawed ditch doesn’t prevent you from digging a good ditch tomorrow. But the software you build today is the foundation for what you build tomorrow. Compromises made now for the sake of expediency cause entropy to build up in your software. In the book The Pragmatic Programmer, Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas talk about entropy in software and why it has such a detrimental effect (…). Entropy is a measure of complexity, and if you add complexity now because of a just-in-time solution to a problem, you must pay some price for that for the remaining life of the project.

Any software developer should be familiar with the concept of entropy and how it affects their lives.

In a later installment, Neal shows some reasons how modern languages allow to implement many of the design patterns by the GoF much more naturally with Groovy.

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