Shootout Cancelled

Disclaimer: This is a cynical virtual diary of my journey through Fallout 3. If you don’t like strong language or cynicism, this is not for you.

Talked to lots of people. Weirdos. Only this Mr. Burke seemed to a nice guy. He gave me some equipment to wipe this rotten town from the landscape. Hm. That gave me some cool ideas.

Messing with a bomb is more complicated than it looks. Nothing that a little help from my friends can’t fix. One pill later, the bomb is as dangerous as a paperweight. OK, one that glows in the dark, but hey, that only makes it more useful!

Now for the fun part.

I visit Simms. You remember Simms? The sheriff? The nice guy? Whoa did that change when I showed him Burke’s toys. I stay on his heels as he races to the saloon to have word with Burky. One word for you: Shootout. Yes! Finally! Haven’t seen fresh blood for several hours by now, getting itchy.

It’s great to watch that sleaze slime his way around Simms. I was laughing so hard, I almost couldn’t keep my 10mm pinpointed on Burky’s head.

But Simms was a big disappointment. Really. Instead of crippling Burky’s arms and legs, search him, one bullet in the head, and then ask questions, he turns his back on the guy! Oh well. Got what he deserved and I got all the goods from both of ’em. For only two bullets, too. Only … how do I get my house keys, now? And come to think of it … how do I know that Simms was supposed to give me the keys to “my” house … he never mentioned that when we talked. Odd.

Offered the ghoul behind the bar some really fresh meat but Gob (that’s his name) didn’t want it. Apparently, only zombies eat human meat. The things you learn out here! Amazing.

Time to cash some of the loot at Moira’s. Nice body in the blue skin. I feign interest in her stupid idea of a book. Hey! My girlfriend dumped me before I had sex with her! A man gotta do what a man gotta do, right? Right!

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