4. February, 2009

Just a small post to celeberate my StackOverflow reputation of 3,337 🙂

What RAD Tools Are Out There?

4. February, 2009

I’ve just opened a new question on StackOverflow.com: What RAD Tools Are Out There?

If you know a great RAD (Rapit Application Development) tool or platform, leave a comment and earn reputation!

Pair Programming Preferences Dilemma

4. February, 2009

The basic idea behind pair programming is that you have one computer, one keyboard, two heads (one being mostly occupied with typing). There is just one problem, though: If you’re a developer like me, you’re using keyboard shortcuts. Lots of shortcuts. And you will have your own ways to achieve things. Those ways will be different from everyone else in the team. You’re not a clone, are you? Which leads to special shortcuts.

IDEA allows to switch prefs quickly with Ctrl-BackQuote (try that on a German keyboard …) Eclipse has no way to quickly switch the UI prefs (shortcuts, active toolbars/menus).

I’ve filed a new bug to track this.

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