Just Got The Boot

Disclaimer: This is a cynical virtual diary of my journey through Fallout 3. If you don’t like strong language or cynicism, this is not for you.

First day. My girlfriend just gave me the boot. Threw me out of 101, too. Stupid bitch. Next time, she can kill her father herself. Why was he yelling anyway? I didn’t let my father just walk out on me. And I only clubbed ten or twelve or so of his security into a pulp with my baseball bat. Some people!

I wonder what I did yesterday. Somehow, I can only remember three days of my past life. Odd.

Blast. It’s so … open. And that sun. No good for my complexion. Wasn’t  there supposed to be an eternal night after a global nuclear war? Black rain, thick cloud layer, downpour? Maybe it wasn’t so global after all. Probably just a few big gun freaks speaking their mind about politics in D.C. With the little I remember from history 101, they’re probably heroes of the world, now.

Anyway. That red thing on sticks is a water tank. Contaminated water. Great. Just what I need. Next, the food will be radiated, too! How did I ever deserve this?

Luckily, I ran into this town. Megaton. Built around a bomb. Weird. But funny. Megaton. Get it? Megaton? As in bomb? Ah, forget it.

The sheriff seems to be OK. But let’s not judge him to quickly. I’ll wait until he finds me in a big pool of blood. Someone else’s blood. Probably several someone else’s … but at that time, nobody will be left to worry about these petty details.

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