Jazoon Cut: iGesture

Jazoon Cut is a nice idea: You got a project, they give you 20 minutes to present it (i.e. “cut” as in “cutting edge”). In this Cut, we had NetKernel, iGesture, Interactive Paper, and Privacy Supporting Identity Systems. A rather interesting mix.

The presentation of iGesture was a disaster from my point of view. The software is a workbench to create gesture recognition software or configuration packages for a gesture recognizer. That’s it. And it took the people in the audience about the same time to figure this out as it took you to read this. After that, we waited for something to happen and nothing did. Shame. My suggestion: Next time, bring a laptop, show the first two slides of your presentation and then take a mouse and show the real thing: Train the thing and see the people rip it out of your hands.

I did learn a few tricks how you can recognize gestures, though. The most simple way is to filter the input until you have general directions like up (U), left (L), right (R) or down (D), then simply create a string with these characters and use a regular expression to describe the gesture (a rectangle would then be /U+R+D+L+/).

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