Jazoon: Rich GUI development with Java

If you ever tried to develop a nice you with Java, you’ll know the pain. Swing: Old, steep learning curve, unweildy widgets. SWT: Nice, good learning curve, “which JAR’s do I need, Sir?” and who puts that DLL in my search path. There might be other contenders but I don’t even remember their names.

So the guys at Canoo faces the dragon and chipped a few scales off it. As Bruno Schäffer said in his talk:

Developers should focus on the what and not how.

They used Swing, some components from SwingX, JGoodies Smart Client and Jemmy for testing for the UI and something called c3pO for JDBC connection pooling to build a smart client. openArchitectureWare was used to generate a model editor for the data model, so they could generate the DAO classes for that efficiently.

Their application is split into modules but they don’t use OSGi or any other module framework out there because they got in their way, it’s just good old, traditioal loading on demand from the classpath. I can relate to that. OSGi is so great and stuff … but it somehow lost contact to the base. It’s just eithet not flexible enough or not simple enough for me to understand and use.

Good talk but less product placement for your company next time, Bruno.

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