Jazoon: Data Driven Applications

Not one of my favorite talks, to be frank. Brian Sletten tried to explain how we would write less code in the future because data would become more important. Seeing is believing and I haven’t seen nothing, yet.

He has a few good point like that we should be able to recall data sets which we created with Web 2.0 sites (kind of like bookmarks on steroids that can save the state of the web 2.0 app as you bookmark it). Also, that the semantic web will make a lot of things possible and happen.

I buy that. But on the other hand, we don’t even have a decent UI framework for Java yet and that’s eight (8) years after Swing came out. This sure looks promising; I just wonder if I will be still around when it starts to deliver and companies get the CPU power and network throughput to really run all their data through RDF converters. And see the result before you get downsized.

2 Responses to Jazoon: Data Driven Applications

  1. Brian Sletten says:

    Hi, sorry you didn’t like the talk. I didn’t have a lot of time to present all the material necessary to help a Java-oriented crowd make the shift in thinking toward information-driven architectures. Keep watching the space. It will be more obvious what is possible before you realize it.

  2. Aaron Digulla says:

    All systems are ultimately information (or data) driven. What bugs me is that while we can store more and more data, we can’t retrieve it. There is no UI, no tools, only slow databases where I still have to create indexes and table spaces and what not just to deal with data.

    This is like creating the Mona Lisa with a sharpened stone 😦

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