luaLaTeX: Odd Characters In PDF ToC

16. May, 2011

If you have odd Unicode characters in the bookmarks/table of contents of your PDF viewer when using lualatex 0.60 and the packageĀ hyperref, try




Odd File Names

18. February, 2011

A colleague of mine had a problem with test cases in Eclipse. When we checked, the current directory looked pretty … odd.

After closer inspection, we found this directory on his hard disk:

odd filename in a directoryAs an old Unix buff, I know that there are only two characters which are not allowed in a file: The null byte and “/”. Obviously, the rule has been broken here.

Solution: The slash you see is not the normal slash but the Unicode fraction slash.

So with the Unicode support in your file system, you can finally create files with “absolute” names. šŸ™‚

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