Jazoon 2011, Day 1 – Flexible software analysis with Moose – Tudor Girba

26. June, 2011

Flexible software analysis with Moose – Tudor Girba

Moose is one of those gems that are hidden in the huge pile of good open source software. It’s a software to extract data from some source (for example a Java project) and then display the results of queries ran on that data. Moreover, it allows to quickly build applications to wade through that data and display it, say, the complexity of the code.

Very interesting stuff. I guess I’ll have to learn Smalltalk.

I’ll also come back to this with my next installment of TNBT – The Next Best Thing.


  • Moose – data analysis software
  • Humane assessment – “a software engineering method that makes the activity of assessment explicit and manageable.”

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