Forcing SDL to Use a Certain Window Size

4. December, 2011

SDL doesn’t play well with a multi-monitor setup: Either the game window is split over the two displays or one display is set to a different height than the other (making part of the surface unreachable with the mouse) or your desktop is messed up when you exit the full screen mode.

I’ve written a patch that allows you to force SDL to use a certain window size/resolution by setting the environment variable SDL_VIDEO_SIZE to “widthxheight” before starting the game:

Example (bash):

export SDL_VIDEO_SIZE=1024×768

Works best when running the game in a window.

Extending Tomcat WebappLoader to Share Library jars

16. March, 2010

If you’re like me and use Tomcat and you want to bring down the size of your WAR, you’re faced with one issue: All your applications need to use the same libraries (since there is only a single common/lib for everyone). So you’re either stuck with an old version or you need to upgrade all your apps at the same time. I just can see the budget guys shake their heads.

The solution is a list of directories in your context.xml which contain specific versions of the libraries you need. This way, you can install all the versions you need and each app can pick and choose.

For the complete solution, see the original article: Extending Tomcat WebappLoader to Share Library jars

OSS for teh win! 🙂

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