Selling Used Games? No Way!

4. January, 2013

Sony found a new way to harass customers: They filed a patent for a technology that prevents playing second-hand games.

In a nutshell, the “game playing system” checks whether someone else already played the game on a different system and if so, it refuses to start the game.

Great, isn’t it?

With ideas like that, Sony will surely overcome it’s financial issues, soon – by going bankrupt even faster.

Need more reasons not to buy Sony?

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R&C Future: A Crack In Time

16. November, 2009

Ah, I like those long game titles. Anyone remembering Leisure Suite Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards? I have a feeling that a title says something about a game. If they care about the title, they care about the game.

Anyway, it’s jump, run and shooting time. Shooting with anything you can imagine and sometimes with things that you couldn’t imagine before. There’s a burp gun, a rocket launcher called “Negotiator”, a robot sidekick called Mr. Zurkon (always complaining that it can’t shoot at the innocent). I like its remarks. “Mr. Zurkon doesn’t need no pesky nanotec to survive, Mr. Zurkon lives from fear.”

Game levels are as colorful and nice as ever. Especially the Great Clock looks awesome with it’s red and gold and reflections. Ratchet finally has some fur on his ears. The levels are also pretty short, there are tons of mini-games, you can go hunt for Zoni’s to upgrade your ship, or Gold Bolts or upgrades for your weapons. Old time fans of the series will find all the good stuff again, like weapons that get better as you use them, pixel precise jumping sequences, there is an arena, and funny comments by the ton. Game play is fluent. I wished more game companies would take care of my time like Insomniac does: While the game installs on the HD, you get to see a long into movie which sets the scene. Two thumbs up for that.

The new stuff is that you can actually fly around space a bit, shoot asteroids for fun (and some bolts), play the main story or idle in some side levels. There are levels for the die hard jump’n’run people and shooter levels. And when I say “die hard”, I mean it. I’m not that bad at R&C but I’ve had to use the skip option once. Some of Clank’s jump sequences in the Big Clock are insanely hard. I must’ve died a hundred times in there. The logic puzzles are usually more simple on the “jump” side but it takes some brainpower to run yourself four times through a level, timing the switching of buttons just right to get all your copied through. And in time. Luckily, you can skip a puzzle. 95% for that one. For 100%, there should have been a way to revisit a puzzle to try it again.

All in all, they kept the great stuff and added a couple of nice, new features. The individual levels are short but plenty, so you can save often or take a break, and won’t have to start all over again.

Recommendation: Buy.

Why a PC is not a Play Station

30. April, 2008

A few days ago, I bought a game: the Perry Rhodan Adventure (German only). I’m a subscriber of the weekly 64-page novels and yes, I’ve read all 2436 of them.

The game is nice and I can recommend it.

There is just one issue with it: It doesn’t run on Linux. At least not without some pains. First of all, game distributors waste some of the money you pay for a game for a copy protection. I say “waste” because it takes only a few intimate moments with Google to find a patch for this. So the copy protection is a waste of money since it’s so easily circumvented, it’s a pain for the paying customers (like me who can’t play the game) and it doesn’t bother the crackers because they never see it.

So after installing the no-CD patch, I could start the game but it would crash. Fiddling with the options in Cedega didn’t help, so in a last desperate attempt, I tried the “fail safe settings”. Finally, I could enjoy a few hours of gaming.

Final result: After paying good money for the game, I wasted one hour trying to make it work and then three hours to play. That could have been four hours of pure fun.

That’s why I usually only buy games for my PS2. I take the DVD and two minutes later, I can play. Two minutes, because the game has a 1 minute 40 second intro. No installation, no driver hell, no looking for the joystick, no bugs, no crashes, no instant messenger which pops up during the last boss fight and you haven’t saved for an hour.

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