Using Tycho to build Eclipse plugins

15. November, 2010

After my horrible time with PDE, I have Tycho a whirl today. I must say the whole experience was much more pleasant (despite the unfriendly Tycho home page at – don’t go there!).

As before, I tried to build BIRT. Unfortunately, I failed (but much faster and I know why): Tycho 0.10.0 can’t resolve extra JAR dependencies: TYCHO-533 Tycho should honor jars.extra.classpath

If you want to get started with Tycho, visit this page. There is an exemplary POM and lots of other bits and pieces.

Updating Eclipse to 3.5.1 with p2

28. September, 2009

Maybe you’ve tried to update Eclipse to 3.5.1 and … you failed. Maybe it’s because the update site has gone. I’ve opened bug 290723. See you there.

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