The “Minority Report” User Interface

5. May, 2011

Do you know the famous MovieOS? If not, follow the link.

If so, and you’ve seen “Minority Report“, you probably guessed that the fancy manipulations Tom Cruise was doing at the start of the movie was “Movie OS 2.0”.

It’s not. It’s real. You can buy that and have it installed. Visit g-speak.


6. July, 2008

Strange movie. Here in Switzerland, it’s sold as a “comedy” but it’s not, and people will be disappointed. Also, I’m unhappy about the amount of futile violence and gore in the movie. There are a couple of scenes where you’ll sit in you chair and think “What the f***!?”. This is bad. While in the theater, you should never realize that you’re watching a movie.

All in all, I think that the movie failed to deliver because it couldn’t explain enough. Maybe it was too short or maybe the wrong scenes were chosen, I don’t know. I left the cinema with a strange feeling of confusion, things just didn’t add up. Unlike in other movies, I’m not able to say what they could have done different. After the big surprise in the second part of the movie, the behavior of the characters is suddenly consistent and you know why Hancock is such a bastard. Only, I don’t know, it’s as if something is lacking.

Hancock is shallow and that fits for a comic character but he’s more a tragic character and this doesn’t add up for me. So in the end, even when he finds his only love and gets killed for her, I don’t really care anymore (as much as you care when Garfield gets flattened by a door).

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