Wrong colors in Windows Photo Viewer / Falsche Farben in Windows-Fotoanzeige

18. September, 2017

When colors in the Windows Photo Viewer (Win 8 to 10) look oddly wrong, it’s probably because of something called “color profile“.


  1. Open “System Control” (Systemsteuerung)
  2. “Color Management” Farbverwaltung
  3. Select your monitor
  4. Check “Use my settings for this device” (“Eigene Einstellungen für das Gerät verwenden”) (otherwise, you can’t click anything at the bottom)
  5. Hinzufügen
  6. Select “sRGB IEC61966-2.1”
  7. Click “Set as Default Profile” (“Als Standardprofil festlegen”)
  8. Repeat for each monitor
  9. Restart Photo Viewer (Fotoanzeige)

Finally: M$ Improves File Operations

1. September, 2011

Good things need time. Even if they hurt you every day. File operations (copy, move, delete) on Windows are such a pain.

The damn thing takes half an hour to found out how many files to delete and then deletes them in a couple of seconds. Or the old joke “How long will it take?” Or copying two folders with the same name over each other (computer experts call that “merging”).

Well, M$ listened (they always do – they just rarely care) and after only … calculating … 29 years, they’re going to fix it! Yay ^_^

PS: Linux does it this way since a couple of years. Not sure about Mac. So another thing that M$ reluctantly “invented” after everyone else had it for years.

Windows 7 Libraries Trigger Eclipse Builds

15. April, 2011

If you’re on Windows 7, you may know this odd behavior: For some reason, Eclipse goes into a build frenzy. Every few seconds, it will rebuild the workspace.

The reason: You added your workspace to a Windows 7 Library and you have “Refresh Automatically” enabled.

My guess is that indexing of Windows 7 Libraries creates temporary files which make Eclipse believe something changed in the Workspace. Which causes a rebuild. Which makes Windows re-index the workspace.

Workaround: Remove your workspace from the library or disable “Refresh Automatically”.

See also: Bug 342931 – Windows 7 Libraries trigger rebuilds

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