Patently Unpatentable: Use Kinect To Shape Insoles

4. April, 2012

If you need arch support or insoles, you know what a hassle it is to get them right.

Using a Kinect controller, it should be simple to capture the 3D shape of your feet.

All we’d need is glass that is transparent enough for the infrared laser so you can stand above the sensor.

3D Scanning Using Kinect

7. October, 2011

3D modelling strains my patience. It just takes too long to get even simple models “right”.

There is a new project called surfacerecon which uses the Kinect 3D controller to create fully textured 3D models of real objects.  Seeing is believing:

Open source drivers for Kinect

17. December, 2010

There is now an official release for Kinect drivers for Linux (Kinect is a 3D controller for the Xbox).

I wonder when we’ll see a plugin for 3D modeling in Blender. Imagine: Shoving and pulling surfaces with your bare hands, digging ditches with your fingers, punching holes with your fist.

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