Google, The Evil Empire

18. October, 2012

Google says “We’re not evil[*]” but some have their doubts. “Why insist, when you’re not?” they might ask.

The photo of an Imperial Stormtrooper in standing guard in one of their server farms might be fuel for the wary:


Source: Take a walk through a Google data center. When you start, take a step left and then turn left.

[*]: Actually, the slogan is “Don’t be evil.” See how a slight change of words changes the meaning of a sentence.

Touching the RGB Colorspace

22. September, 2012

Ever wanted the RGB cube?

Tauba Auerbach printed one.

Found on WIN blog.

Takedown Instead of Touchdown

7. August, 2012

Scripps News Service (one company of the E. W. Scripps Group. The same group owns United Media who publishes the famous Dilbert comic strip) sent YouTube a DMCA takedown notice claiming they were owning the copyright of one of the videos in NASA’s YouTube channel (again).

It’s like Einstein said: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

But now we have computers to bring dumbness to whole new levels.


Order Your Own Mecha

3. August, 2012

Ever wanted to pilot one of those huge robots from Japanese Anime? Here is your chance:

Training video:

I especially liked “the system will fire when the pilot smiles. This feature is called ‘THE SMILE SHOT’. You will be able to take out all enemies with a single smile. Be sure not to cause a shooting spree by smiling too much!” 😉

And all that for a mere $2,051,200 US (with all extras enabled)!

Order form (needs flash)

Symphony of Science

31. July, 2012

When I reach to the edge of the universe
I do so knowing that along some paths of cosmic discovery
There are times when, at least for now,
One must be content to love the questions themselves

— Neil deGrasse Tyson

Symphony of Science is a YouTube channel where they mix awe-inspiring images with vocalized texts. It’s a bit hard to explain but easy to understand. Watch this:

Dealing With Cheating

13. July, 2012

All online games attract cheaters. Most of them try to ban players who cheat but Rockstar Games came up with a better approach: They herd them.

Makes me wonder what took them so long. It would be great if there was a special server for cheaters and people using modded clients. Just imagine how many people will start working on AI problems (identify threats, take cover, shooting at targets, move around in a complex maze).

Make Money Fast (Or Not)

4. July, 2012

There is no safe way to get rich.

Proof: There are still poor people.

How is that a proof?

If there was a simple, safe and legal way to get rich, a lot of people (= all those who know about it) would be rich. That would leave the rest (= those who don’t know) poor. But the poor would be wondering: Why am I poor?

And a some of them would eventually learn about this simple, safe and legal way to get rich and become rich, too. So over time, the number of poor people would inevitably shrink. Since it’s a safe way, the rich would stay rich. Even if they lost some money, they would just apply the scheme again to make up for the losses.

That means after a certain time, there couldn’t be any poor people left.