Make Money Fast (Or Not)

4. July, 2012

There is no safe way to get rich.

Proof: There are still poor people.

How is that a proof?

If there was a simple, safe and legal way to get rich, a lot of people (= all those who know about it) would be rich. That would leave the rest (= those who don’t know) poor. But the poor would be wondering: Why am I poor?

And a some of them would eventually learn about this simple, safe and legal way to get rich and become rich, too. So over time, the number of poor people would inevitably shrink. Since it’s a safe way, the rich would stay rich. Even if they lost some money, they would just apply the scheme again to make up for the losses.

That means after a certain time, there couldn’t be any poor people left.


On The Internet, You Can Be Anything You Want

14. June, 2012

On the internet,
you can be
anything you want.

It’s strange that
so many people
choose to be stupid.


Better Toothbrush

13. June, 2012

Think about this: How could you improve a toothbrush?

And I’m not talking about the electronic kind; just a plan plastic toothbrush. No idea? How about adding a fountain so you don’t have to crawl into your sink!

Source: Rinsing Toothbrush WIN

Military Logic

2. June, 2012

The marine prefers non-swimmers – they’ll defend their ships longer.


28. May, 2012

Ruining our privacy wasn’t enough – now they’re after our money, too!

Deadly Cute Animal Pictures (And Videos)

10. April, 2012

Kudos to

How about this: “It’s hard to get mad at something so cute when it uses you as a security blanket”

funny dog pictures - I Has A Hotdog: Mebbe Nawt Lubz, But Tolerashunz at Leest


Or the difference between cats and dogs:

Dog thinks: “These people feed me, pet me, love me, they must be GOD.”

Cat thinks: “These people feed me, pet me, love me, I must be GOD.”

funny pictures - An Oldie But a Goodie: Cats vs. Dogs


Or when cats meet deer:


Maybe scientists should use smart phones for their experiments:


Some animals you wouldn’t expect in one spot: Cat, eagle and fox


Please fasten your seatbelts, that could looks like a ball of yarn.

advice animals memes  - Animal Memes: Captain Kitteh:  Have Your Barf Bags at the Ready!


Hamsters can be cute, too: “Gentlemen, I have a plan”

Funny Animal Captions - Animal Capshunz: Now That We Are Met...



Gift Idea: Albatros Bookmarks

7. March, 2012

If you need a cool gift for a bookworm, try an Albatros bookmark:

See the Vimeo page for ordering details.

Where Is The Cat?

3. March, 2012

Trick question: It’s pouring down. There is a crossroads with a traffic light and a dry cat. There is no house, bench, car or cardboard box. Where is the cat sitting?

Answer (mark text to read): “Before the red light, on the cover of the orange light. If it wasn’t raining, the cat would be sitting on top of the traffic light.

Proof (YouTube).

I See You And Jesus, Too

27. February, 2012

A burglar breaks into a house. As he combs the rooms for loot, a strange voice calls out: “I See You And Jesus, too”

He jumps and flashes around with his torchlight but there is no one except him. Thinking it might be some kind of device to scare people off, he continues to search valuables.

“I See You And Jesus, too”

Again this really odd voice. The thief starts to relax.

“I See You And Jesus, too”

This time, the thief is quick enough to see where the sound is coming from: There is a parrot in a cage hanging from the ceiling. Not really expecting an answer, he says: “You freaked the hell out of me! Who are you?”

“My name,” the parrot replied proudly, “is Nebuchadnezzar.”

The thief starts to laugh: “Nebuchadnezzar! What kind of fool calls his parrot Nebuchadnezzar!

“The same fool who calls his pit bull Jesus.”

How Would a Sentient Robot Respond to an Invitation to a Board Game?

24. February, 2012

“Physical game pieces? … Well, I guess we’ll play like savages, then.” (from Ctrl+Alt+Del)

The next page is great, too. I like his first move: “I win” 😉