I See You And Jesus, Too

A burglar breaks into a house. As he combs the rooms for loot, a strange voice calls out: “I See You And Jesus, too”

He jumps and flashes around with his torchlight but there is no one except him. Thinking it might be some kind of device to scare people off, he continues to search valuables.

“I See You And Jesus, too”

Again this really odd voice. The thief starts to relax.

“I See You And Jesus, too”

This time, the thief is quick enough to see where the sound is coming from: There is a parrot in a cage hanging from the ceiling. Not really expecting an answer, he says: “You freaked the hell out of me! Who are you?”

“My name,” the parrot replied proudly, “is Nebuchadnezzar.”

The thief starts to laugh: “Nebuchadnezzar! What kind of fool calls his parrot Nebuchadnezzar!

“The same fool who calls his pit bull Jesus.”

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