DecentXML 1.4

12. January, 2012

I’ve just release DecentXML 1.4, my very own XML parser implementation.

See the change log for changes.

It will show up on Maven Central in a couple of days.

DecentXML 1.2

31. August, 2008

DecentXML 1.2, my own XML 1.1-compliant parser, is now available.

DecentXML 1.1

1. August, 2008

I’ve just released 1.1 of DecentXML.

Update to DecentXML

30. July, 2008

I’ve updated my XML parser. The tests now cover 97.7% of the code (well, actually 100% of the code which can be executed; there are a couple of exceptions which will never be thrown but I still have to handle them) and there are classes to read XML from InputStream and Reader sources (including encoding detection).

The XMLInputStreamReader class can be used standalone, if you ever want to read an XML file with the correct encoding.

You can download the sources and report issues in the new Google Code project I’ve created.

A Decent XML Parser

29. July, 2008

Since there isn’t one, I’ve started writing one myself. Main features:

  • Allows 100% round-tripping, even for weird whitespace between attributes in elements
  • Suitable for building editors and filters which want to preserve the original file layout
  • Error messages have line and column information
  • Easy to reuse
  • XML 1.0 compatible

You can download the latest sources here as a Maven 2 project.

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