Jazoon 2011, Day 2 – Compositional CRUD: A novel approach for doing CRUD in Enterprise/SOA Environments – Rene Mas and Thipor Kong

26. June, 2011

Compositional CRUD: A novel approach for doing CRUD in Enterprise/SOA Environments – Rene Mas and Thipor Kong

One of the advantages of CRUD is that each operation is simple to understand and implement. Every developer knows thatdependencies are bad. The disadvantage is that the operations are so simple. If you need something more complex, you have to execute many of them and this can get complex in its own right. Worse, the usual CRUD APIs only allow to execute the operations individually.

The idea behind Compositional CRUD is to be able to build arbitrarily complex commands from simple CRUD operations. All of them can be executed as a single operation (within one transaction, for example). This applies the ideas of the command patternand Promise Pipelining.

Seems like such an obvious idea, it’s probably already patented …

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