How We See Things

We don’t see things how they are, but how we are.

As Sheldon from Big Bang Theory said: “Text adventures run on the world’s most powerful graphics chip: Imagination!

Everything you see or hear happens in your brain.

Think about it.

That insult that really hurt? Only in your brain.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Just beware of the “everything is my fault” concept. There is no point in trying to take responsibility for everything.

2 Responses to How We See Things

  1. Varun says:

    There is a story related to this.

    A baby was born who had an impaired vision. He saw the color “green” as “red” and “red” as “green”. As he grew up, his mother taught him colors. He saw red and understood it as green and vice versa. He enjoyed the greenery which he saw as red. He was scared of green blood.

    His father showed him the traffic lights. He learnt that when he saw green he has to stop and move he saw red. He never met with an accident.

    He was appointed for the job of railway guard where he always used green flag to signal a train to stop. And no trains met with accident because of his signals.

    Now, tell me, do we see what others see? May be not.

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