Writing Games with Processing: Winning

Now that the player can lose the game, he needs a way to win. One idea we had was that crocodiles are greedy: When they run into each other hunting Platty, they start to fight over the food.

To achieve this, we need to add more checks to checkCollisions():

void checkCollisions() {
  ArrayList<Enemy> enemiesToCheck = new ArrayList<Enemy>();
  for(Enemy e: enemies) {
    if(e.closeTo(px, py)) {
    for(Enemy e2: enemiesToCheck) {
      if(e.closeTo(e2.x, e2.y)) {
        e.fighting = true;
        e2.fighting = true;
  int notFighting = 0;
  for(Enemy e: enemies) {
    if(!e.fighting) {
      notFighting ++;
  if(notFighting == 0) {

As you can see, I added an inner loop to check if the current enemy is close to any other enemy (except itself, that’s why there is a second list).

I also count how many enemies are currently not in a fight.

At the end, if all enemies are fighting with each other, Platty has won:

void youWon() {
  textAlign(CENTER, TOP);
  color outline = color(255,255,255);
  color fill = color(255,0,0);
  textWithOutline("YOU WON!", width/2, 200, outline, fill);
  textWithOutline("The cute platypus outsmarted "+enemies.size()+" crocodiles!", width/2, 240, outline, fill);

Now just add a boolean to Enemy:

  boolean fighting;

Let’s see how that works:

Winning the Game
(Click image to start the animation)

What’s left? Scoring!

You can find the whole source code here.

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