Jazoon 2013 – True Git: The Great Migration

Jazoon 2013 badgeStefan Saasen told the tale how Atlassian migrated from SVN to Git in his talk “True Git: The Great Migration.” (slides on slideshare)

Atlassian has resources on their website if you want to know more about Git and how to implement your own workflow using it.

Key points from the talk:

  • Branching and merging are first class concepts in Git (unlike Subversion, where they were added as an afterthought)
  • Especially the merging support in Git is much, much better
  • You can use clever tools like bisect to zoom in on bugs
  • History rewriting allows to clean up mistakes
  • Adoption for Git is on the rise. In 2015, most companies and projects will have migrated to Git or another DVCS
  • Use a centralized repo for your enterprise – all the processes and tools will be much easier/happier
  • Make sure you have defined a clear workflow and your developers know about it

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