Why God Can’t Exist

A little thought experiment. Nothing in an experiment is true but it can help you understand.

God is said to be almighty. If She is, then She should be able to create the perfect world, a place where nothing bad or evil ever happens.

But such a place would be incredibly boring.

Boredom is bad.

Hence God can’t be almighty. Without this attribute, God is incomplete.

Or maybe our universe is perfect – we’re just unable to see it because we whine all the time about everything bad and evil that happens instead of enjoying the good things.

PS: If God exists, She must be female. Or did you ever see something created by a male that kept working for more than 5000 years?

3 Responses to Why God Can’t Exist

  1. Nikos says:

    Jesus gave us free wills perfectly and we chose to do selfish things.

    We are all responsible for the imperfect world by our own choice.

    kind regards

    • digulla says:

      Your argument would be stronger if you didn’t mention Jesus; he didn’t give us free will – Adam and Eve already had it (and it was the one reason they had to leave the Garden Eden).

      But your argument also says that God doesn’t exist: If she did, then she would have known the effects of free will when it’s controlled by greed and fear. Being almighty and all-knowing, she should have known a way to solve this better πŸ™‚

  2. nikos101 says:

    thanks for you reply πŸ™‚ I agree on this point: God knew about the direction man would follow, that’s why the scripture says the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world.

    In Hell there will be no excuses for those who go there.

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