The Wormworld Saga Webcomic

The Wormworld Saga” is an epic comic about a boy who discovers a strange painting in the attic of his grandmother’s house.

What I love about the comic is the great care that the author put into characters and paintings:

Welcome to the Wormworld, (C) Daniel Lieske


The pace of the comic is slow. I had a lot of joy watching the boy frolic in the fields around his grandmother’s house. There is almost no violence, no physical fights or blood. The story lives just by being beautiful. The boy isn’t extraordinary – he isn’t mischievous, doesn’t play pranks but he certainly is smart. He’s innocent but not naïve. He’s cautious but not afraid. For example, before he crawls into this strange painting, he first attached some string in the attic to make sure he can find his way back.

The art is amazing. I’ve yet to see one image where you can’t find every color of the palette. You should try this yourself to see how hard it is to make everything fit.

Another impressive feat is the layout. In the web version, each comic is one endless page. Again, have a look before you try to judge this. Trust me, it works perfectly.

Last but not least, you get to see the result before you have to pay for it. All the chapters of the comic are available for free online. On the tablet, you can get each chapter for free or for a small fee. Each chapter is available in four official languages and 21 (at the time of writing) fan translations. You can buy them as books or donate on the web page (just scroll way down after each chapter). I believe this guy really digs the new economy.

So, if you want to step out of your hectic live for a couple of hours and feel like a child again, start reading.

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